Consultation Fees

Consultation Fees range from $95 - $190*

* Please note that Mr Litchfield’s consultation fee includes, if indicated, a hearing test and a microscopic examination of the ear. (In other centres, these may involve additional fees and may require a further consultation fee.)

Operation Fee Examples

• Grommets from $1,853

• Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy from $3,203

• Sinus Surgery from $2,500

The Operation Fee includes everything – Day Hospital, Theatre Fee, Sundries, Surgeon and Anaesthetist - No hidden costs

Our hospital fees are considerably lower than other hospitals because we only specialise in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery.

Most Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) operations can be done as day stay. If an overnight stay is desired or required, this can be arranged. Please enquire.

(All Fees are in New Zealand Dollars and Include GST).

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